Ealhmund of Kent

Ealhmund (d. 785?), also known as Alckmund of Wessex, was a King of Kent (c. 784 - c. 785). The 784 entry of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle mentions Ealhmund as the father of Egbert, but this is uncertain.

Ealhmund probably became king following the death of Egbert II around the year 784. There is little historical evidence for his reign. A charter of 784 survives, in which Ealhmund granted land to the Abbot of Reculver. Significantly, this charter makes no mention of Offa of Mercia, who had ruled Kent directly or indirectly for most of the 760s and 770s; we may consider this as evidence that Ealhmund was acting independent of Offa's authority, perhaps as a consequence of a possible Kentish victory at the Battle of Otford in 776.

If this was the case, however, it did not last: Offa invaded Kent again around the year 785 and Ealhmund was probably killed in battle. After this, Offa ruled Kent directly.

Preceded by:
Egbert II
King of Kent Succeeded by:
Eadbert II

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