Earl Aethelred of Mercia

Earl Æthelred (d. 911) was a ruler of Mercia (ca. 883-911). His title was "Lord of the Mercians", and although he retained many attributes of a king, he was subject to the power of his close ally Wessex.

In 886, he was given control of London by King Alfred of Wessex, whose daughter, Ethelfleda, he married.

As Alfred reconquered the Danelaw, it was useful to place the heir to the divided Kingdom of Mercia in control of its former eastern region.

Aethelred was recorded as fighting many battles against the Welsh, and at one point Brochwael of Gwent appealed to Alfred for help against him. Towards the end of his life, he allowed his wife Ethelfleda to exercise many of his powers, and when he died after the Battle of Tettenhall she succeeded him.

For context, read Lundenwic, Lundenburgh and MOLAS.

Preceded by:
Ceolwulf II
Lord of the Mercians Succeeded by:

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