Elena of Greece

Greek Royalty
House of Oldenburg (Glücksburg branch)

George I
   Prince Constantine
   Prince George
   Princess Alexandra
   Prince Nicholas
   Princess Marie
   Prince Andrew
   Prince Christopher
   Prince Peter
   Prince Eugénie
   Princess Olga
   Princess Elizabeth
   Princess Marina
   Princess Margarita
   Princess Theodora
   Princess Cecilie
   Princess Sophie
   Prince Philip
   Prince Michael
Great Grandchildren
   Princess Alexandra
   Princess Olga
Constantine I
   Prince George
   Prince Alexander
   Princess Elena
   Prince Paul
   Princess Irene
   Princess Katherine
Alexander I
   Princess Alexandra
George II
Paul I
   Princess Sofia
   Prince Constantine
   Princess Irene
Constantine II
   Princess Alexia
   Prince Pavlos
   Prince Nikolaos
   Princess Theodora
   Prince Philippos
   Princess Maria
   Prince Constantine
   Prince Achileas
   Prince Odysseas

Princess Elena (Helen) of Greece and Denmark was born on May 2, 1896 in Athens, the third child of the King Constantine I, King of the Hellenes and his Queen, Sophie Dorothea Ulrica of Prussia.

Helen had three brothers George, Alexander, and Paul, who were successively Kings of the Hellenes, and two sisters, Irene and Katherine.

On March 10, 1921 she married Carol, then Crown Prince of Romania, at Athens as per custom in the Greek royal family. They had only one son, Michael, King of Romania, who abdicated and was exiled from the country in 1947 when the communists took the power.

Princess Helen of Greece died at the age of 86 on November 28, 1982 in Lausanne, Switzerland where she had established her residence after exile.


As a matrilineal descendant of Victoria of the United Kingdom, she and all her female-line descendants are members of mitochondrial haplogroup H.

Styles of
Queen Elena (as consort)
Reference style Her Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Ma'am

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