Eléonore of Blois

Eléonore of Blois or of Champagne (1104-1147), daughter of Stephen II, Count of Blois, and of Adela of Normandy. Married to Raoul I of Vermandois and mother of: Hugh II of Vermandois (1127 to 1212), count de Vermandois and of Valois, then monk in 1160. Eleonore's marriage with Raoul I of Vermandois was dissolved at the request of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Who's sister Petronilla of Aquitaine was in love with Raoul. This lead to a war with Theobald II of Champagne, who was Eleonore's Brother. The war lasted two years (1142–44) and ended with the occupation of Champagne by the royal army. Eleonore died in 1147.

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