Elizabeth Albertine, Princess of Saxe-Hildburghausen

Elizabeth Albertine, Princess of Saxe-Hildburghausen and Duchess in Saxony (4 August 1713 - 29 June 1761) was a member of the reigning family of Mecklenburg-Strelitz during the 18th century.

She was born a daughter of Ernst Frederick I, Duke of Saxe-Hildburghausen (16811724) and his wife Sophia Albertine, Countess of Erbach (1683 - 1742). However some have suggested Elizabeth to be an illegitimate daughter of Ibrahim Petrovich Gannibal.

Marriage and children

On 5 February 1735, Elizabeth was married to Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (23 February 1707 - 5 June 1752) , the youngest son of Adolf Friedrich II of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and half-brother to Adolf Friedrich III. They became parents to ten children:

Maternal descent

Her paternity has been questioned by genealogists but her maternal descent has been traced with certainty to Margarita de Castro e Sousa, a Portuguese noblewoman of the 15th century. Castro could trace her own descent to Afonso III of Portugal and a mistress of his called Madragana (Mor Afonso), daughter of the Mozarab (Iberian Christians living under Muslim domination) governor of Faro, Aloandro Ben Bekar.

A simplified descent can be described below.

Elizabeth was an eighth-generation descedant of Margarita de Castro e Sousa (d. 1483). Margarita was married to Jean II, count of Neufchetel (c. 1414 - 1489) and was mother to his heir Fernando de Neufchetel, Count of Neufchatel-Marnay (c. 1477 - 1522).

Fernando was married to Claude de Vergy (c. 1476 - 1512). They were parents to daughter Antoinette de Neufchettel (d. 1544). Antoinette became consort to Philippe de Salm-Dhaun (1492 - 1521).

They were parents to (among others) Marguerite de Salm-Dhaun (1521 - 1576). Marguerite was a consort of Eberhard XIV von Erbach (1511 - 1564). They were parents to his successor Georg III, Count of Erbach (1548 - 1605).

Georg III was married twice. His second wife Mary von Barby, Countess of Barby-Muhlingen (1563 - 1619) was mother to his successor Georg Albrecht I, Count of Erbach (1597 - 1647/1649).

Georg Albrecht I was married to Elizabeth Dorothea, Princess of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst (1617 - 1655). They were parents to his succesor Georg Ludwig I, Count of Erbach (1643 - 1693).

Georg Ludwig I was married to Amalie Katharine, Princess of Waldeck-Eisenberg (1640 - c. 1699). They were the maternal grandparents of Elizabeth Albertine.

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