Geoffrey I of Anjou

Geoffrey I of Anjou (d. July 21, 987), known as Grisegonelle ("Greymantle"), was count of Anjou from 958 to 987. He succeeded his father Fulk II. He allied with the County of Nantes against the County of Rennes, and allied with Hugh Capet, fearing an invasion by the Count of Blois. He was one of the men responsible for bringing Hugh to the throne of France.

Family and children

He was married Adele of Vermandois (934982), daughter of Robert of Vermandois and Adelais de Vergy. Their children were:

  1. Fulk III of Anjou.
  2. Ermengarde of Anjou (b. 952), married Conan I of Rennes.
  3. Gerberga (b. 962), married Count William II of Angoulême.
  4. Adéle (d. ca. 1029), married Count William IV of Provence.

Preceded by:
Fulk II
Count of Anjou
Succeeded by:
Fulk III

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