Guardian of Scotland

The Guardians of Scotland were the de facto heads of state of Scotland during the First Interregnum of 1286-1292, and the Second Interregnum of 1296-1306.

Guardians of Scotland during the First Interregnum 1286-1292

Guardians of Scotland during the Second Interregnum 1296-1306

William Lamberton

William was also the Guardian Of Scotland for a period during the inter-regnum troubles between the joint competitors for the throne of Scotland, Bruce, Comyn and Baliol. William supported Robert I (Robert the Bruce) with money and advise, even though Bruce was at one point excommunicated for killing the Red Comyn in Dumfries church.

He is recorded in one source as coming from the ancient Barony of Kilmaurs, Ayrshire and his surname would in this case be Cunninghame, for the Lands of Lambroughton have an ancient origin inextricably linked to the Cunninghame family (McNaught 1912).

William may also have come from the settlement of Lamberton, near Berwick in the Scottish Borders (Logan Mack 1926). The name Lamberton here was derived from the Saxon name Lambert, whilst Lambroughton, sometimes spelt Lamberton, is derived from a corruption of the clan McLamroch.


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