Kirkoswald Castle

Kirkoswald Castle, Cumbria - 1890

Kirkoswald Castle is located in the village of Kirkoswald, Cumbria. It is built from locally quarried "Penrith" red sandstone and is still partially standing.

A royal license to crenellate a manor house standing on the site (belonging to Hugh de Morvile) was granted by King John in 1201. In 1314 it was destroyed by the Scots and rebuilt 3 years later in 1317. In 1485 it was greatly expanded and a moat was added. After the death of Thomas Dacre, 2nd Baron Dacre in 1525 the stained glass, panelling and beamed ceilings were moved to Naworth Castle.

It was dismantled between 1610 and 1688. The site exists on farm land with the moat and some of the buildings, including a tower, still visible. A public footpath runs next to the site, which should not be entered for reasons of safety.