Lady Sarah Chatto

The Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Chatto (née Armstrong-Jones) is the only daughter of Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. She is 15th in the line of succession to the British Throne and is the niece of Queen Elizabeth II.

She was born in Kensington Palace of London on May 1, 1964. Her mother, Princess Margaret, was the second daughter of King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon; and sister to Queen Elizabeth II.

She married Daniel Chatto on July 14, 1994, the marriage being officiated by the Revd Chad Varah. Together the couple have two children:

Lady Sarah attended the Camberwell School of Art and Middlesex Polytechnic and is currently a professional painter.

She is also Vice President of the Royal Ballet, an appointment she accepted in 2004, following the example of her mother who was a patron for the Royal Ballet.

Preceded by:
The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones
Line of succession to the British throne Succeeded by:
Samuel Chatto



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