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Marie of Boulogne (11361182 in St. Austrebert, Montreul, France) was the Countess of Boulogne from 1159 to 1170.

Marie was born to King Stephen of England and his wife Matilda I, Countess of Boulogne. At an early age, she was apparently placed in a convent, but she became her childless brother William's heir in 1159. Since she was the heiress to the county of Boulogne, she was forced to leave her convent and married off to Matthew of Alsace (Matthias), who would become Count of Boulogne and co-ruler (1160) through his marriage to her. The marriage was not a great success, although they reigned together until their divorce in 1170 and produced two daughters together.

After their divorce, Marie was a nun after 1169 in St. Austrebert, Montreul and died in 1182. Her former husband Matthew continued to reign as Count of Boulogne until his death in 1173, when their daughter Ida became the Countess. Marie's second daughter Maud of Boulogne married Henry I, Duke of Brabant.

Her sister Mathilde (or Matilda) inherited Marie's land and possessions in England, rather than Ida.

Preceded by:
Countess of Boulogne
with Matthew I
Succeeded by:
Matthew I

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