Milo I of Montlhéry

Milo I the Great (died 1102) was lord of Montlhéry from 1095 until his death. He was the son of Guy I of Montlhéry and Hodierna of Gometz.

The identify of his first wife is unknown. His second wife was Lithuise, daughter of Stephen, Count of Blois. This marriage was unusually disproportionate for a noble of such a low status as Milo, but it allowed the Count of Blois to extend his influence over territory between his domains near the Loire (Blois and Chartres) and his domains in Champagne (Meaux and Troyes). Due to this connection, Milo was made viscount of Troyes.

He had four children:

  • Guy Trousseau, lord of Monthléry
  • Milo II (died 1118), lord of Montlhéry and Braye, viscount of Troyes
  • Isabella of Montlhéry, married Thibaut of Dampierre
  • Emmeline of Montlhéry (died 1121), married Hugh II Bardoul, lord of Broyes

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