Sigeberht II of Essex

Sigeberht II (Sigeberht II the Good, St. Sigeberht, Saint Sebbi) was king of Essex from 653 to 660. He succeeded his relative Sigeberht I the Little.

During his reign, St Cedd was sent on a missionary errand to Essex to convert its people to Christianity. Cedd was consecrated as bishop of Essex, and founded monasteries at Tilbury and Ithancester.

In 660 he was murdered by his brothers Swithelm and Swithfrith, who accused him of being too friendly towards Christianity. Swithelm became his successor. After his death he was sainted. His feast day is August 29.

Preceded by:
Sigeberht I the Little
King of Essex
653 to 660
Succeeded by:

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