Stephen II, Count of Blois

Stephen II Henry (c.1045-May 19, 1102), (in French, Étienne Henri), Count of Blois and Count of Chartres, was the son of Theobald III, count of Blois, and Garsinde du Maine.

Count Stephen was one of the leaders of the First Crusade, often writing enthusiastic letters to Adela about the crusade's progress. He returned home in 1098 during the lengthy siege of Antioch, without having fulfilled his crusading vow, which would have been completed only if he had made it all the way to Jerusalem. He was pressured by Adela into making a second pilgrimage, and along with others who faced the same pressures after returning home prematurely, he joined the minor crusade of 1101. In 1102, Stephen was killed in battle at the age of 57, at the Battle of Ramla.


Family and children

In about 1080, in Chartres, France, Stephen married Adela of Normandy, a daughter of William the Conqueror. Their children were:

  1. Guillaume (William)(d.1150), Count of Chartres married Agnes of Sulli (d.aft 1104) & had issue.
  2. Theobald II of Champagne
  3. Odo of Blois, died young.
  4. Stephen of Blois
  5. Lucia-Mahaut, married Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester. Both drowned on 25 Noveber 1120.
  6. Agnes of Blois, married Hugh III of Le Puiset
  7. Eléonore of Blois (d.1147) married Raoul I of Vermandois (d.1152) & had issue they were divorced in 1142.
  8. Alix of Blois (d.1145) married Renaud (d.1134)III of Joigni & had Issue
  9. Lithuise of Blois (d.1118) married Milo de Brai, Viscount of Troyes (Divorced 1115)
  10. Henry of Blois
  11. Humbert died young.
  12. Philip (d.1100)Bishop of Chalons

Lithuise of Blois who married Milon of Troyes, viscount of Troyes was probably his sister and not his wife, judging from the dates of her children.

Preceded by:
Theobald III
Count of Blois
Succeeded by:
Theobald IV

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