Wallingford Priory

Nothing remains of Holy Trinity Priory in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England which is believed to have been on the site of the Bullcroft recreation ground, High Street. This Benedictine priory was established on land granted to St Albans Abbey in 1097 by Henry I, and Geoffrey the Chamberlain gave the priory to St Albans. Paul, 14th Abbot of St Albans sent some of his monks to establish a cell there. Chronicler John of Wallingford, mathematician Richard of Wallingford and William of Wallingford, who all began at the Priory, later become abbots at St Albans. The priory was dissolved in 1525 by Cardinal Wolsey partly in order to fund the building of the college Christ Church, Oxford. Work at 56, High Street in 1983 exposed burials in chalk cists which are believed to be part of the cemetery.

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