Waltham Abbey (abbey)

Waltham Abbey in the town of Waltham Abbey, Essex, England was founded in 1030 and a building was constructed on the site by Harold Godwinson thirty years later. It was here that he would be buried after the Battle of Hastings. The Augustinian abbey was a popular place for overnight stays with kings and other important people who were hunting in Waltham Forest. It was the last abbey in England to be dissolved, in 1540. Henry VIII did suggest Waltham as one of his new cathedrals, but this did not actually transpire.

The nave of the original abbey church is in use today. King Harold is reputed to have been buried in the graveyard of the Waltham Abbey Church, however this is generally considered to be unlikely. In addition, the local secondary school is named after the last ever Saxon King; 'King Harold School.'

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