Watt of Sussex

Watt was a King of Sussex, reigning jointly with Noðhelm. He is known only from charters.

He witnessed Noðhelm’s charter of 692 as Wattus rex, without any indication of his territory, but it is probable that he reigned in Sussex, because he also witnessed (again as Wattus rex) an undated charter (but before about 705) by Bruny dux Suthsax’ together with Nunna rex (Nunna being the short form of Noðhelm).

He is also listed as a witness (as Uuattus rex) of another charter, erroneously dated 775, which is believed to be a forgery.

So, Watt’s reign began in or before 692, and extended at least to some date before about 705.

"The suggestion that Watt was king of the Hæstingas should be discounted; it is based solely on a misinterpretation of the place-name evidence" (Kelly 1998).


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