Wihtred of Kent

Wihtred (died April 23, 725) was a King of Kent (690 - 725). He was a son of Ecgberht and a brother of Eadric.

He became king during the period of disorder in Kent that followed the invasion of Caedwalla of Wessex. Oswine, a king who had been supported by Mercia, lost power in 690, but the East Saxon Swafred (son of Sebbi, the king of Essex), who had been a king in Kent for a year or two, remained. Wihtred emerged and became king late in 690, apparently ruling alongside Swefred. Swefred maintained his position until at least 692, but by 694 Wihtred was the sole ruler of Kent.

It was also in 694 that Wihtred made peace with the West Saxon king Ine, which he achieved by paying compensation for the killing of Caedwalla's brother, Mul, in 687. Wihtred produced a law code for Kent, which was notable for its generosity toward the Church, which was granted freedom from taxation.

On his death, he left Kent to three different sons: Aethelbert, Eadbert, and Alric.

Preceded by:
King of Kent
Succeeded by:
Æthelbert II


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